Hot Food

Travel the world with our street food and hot food options.

Served indoor or outdoors

We can provide meat, vegetarian and plant-based options for your guests.

Examples of what we can make:


Indian Curries with rice and dosa.

Our slow cooked curries served with fragrant rice and Indian pancakes

Indian snacks

Baji's, aloo tikki, pakora and more...

Thai Curry

made with fresh herbs, spices and coconut cream

Mexican Chilli

Meaty and veggie versions with with flat breads and guacamole and nachos etc

Beef Bourginoun

Organic beef slow cooked in red wine. Served with mash

Mushroom Bourginon

Mushrooms cooked in red wine and served with mash

Aubergine Parmiagiano

Griddled aubergines layered with a rich tomatoe sauce and oven baked, served with salad

Malaysian peanut Sauce

Meat or veggies cooked in peanut sauce, served with rice

Venuzualan flatbreads

served with slow cooked meats and black beans

Slow Cooked Meats

Various meats cooked low n slow and served with tortilla chips, salads, rice, socca breads 

Cold Buffets

Fresh seasonal salads

Made with beautiful ripe produce full of colour and flavour and complimenting the other dishes

Meze, mixed platters and more including:

Cured Meats

Italian and Spanish cured meats complimented with olives, pickles and other nibbles we think will suit.

Cheese Boards

Selections of cheeses to suit different palates with dried fruits, pickles and preserves.


Homemade falafel with flavourful dips, vegetables and salads.

Stuffed Vine Leaves 

Handrolled vine leaves served with salads, vegetables and dips


Flavoured Hummous with crudities and chips.  Essential nibbles.

Cold Meats

Organic cold sliced meats


Handmade quiches made  with organic cheese and eggs and different fillings


Fresh breads, flat breads, pancakes, bread sticks etc etc


We offer hot and cold desserts which can range from full fat, full sugar, tooth fairy teasers. To sugar free, fat free, paleo desserts. 

Hot triple chocolate brownie served with fresh cream and fruit

Made with organic fairtrade chocolate, heated so it's soft and goey, with fresh fruit and lashings of cream

Hot apple tart and custard

Homemade apple tart served with custard (and cream, and ice-cream)

Plum cake and custard

Plums cooked in brown sugar and cooked in a vanilla sponge pudding, topped with vanilla custard

Sugar free date and apple cake

Made with all natural ingredients including apples, dates, almonds, flax seeds and fresh orange

Chocolate Avacado mousse

A rich chocolate mousse made with fresh avacados and cocoa.

Raw raspberry cheese cake

Made with fresh raspberries, dates, cashews and bananas.

Victoria Sponge Cake

The traditional victoria sponge cake filled with fresh cream or butter cream, and raspberry jam

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Another classic, the coffee and walnut cake with coffee buttercream

Bee Sting Cake

A German cake filled with loads and loads and loads of honey sweetened cream and topped with honey and slightly less cream.

Indian Rice Pudding

Indian rice pudding, cooked with coconut cream, cardamon and rose water.

Fruit Salad

All sorts of options with this. Go traditional, go tropical 


We can provide a range of hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks ranging from handmade chai to fruit-filled coctails. To a nice cup of tea.

We can make plant-based versions of all our drinks.


Traditional Indian Chai made with whole herbs and spices simmered in hot milk and sweetened with sugar. 

Cuppa Tea

Want a cuppa - we can make you a cuppa.

Nut Mylks

Handmade dreamy creamy nut mylk

Hot Chocolate

Dark or MIlk chocolate simmered in hot milk or nut mylk and topped with squirty cream, marshmallow and all the things.

St Clements Punch

A non-boozy coctail made with fresh oranges and lemons

Apple, Carrot & Ginger Juice

Freshly pressed juice -  a real pick-me-up


Home-made kombucha shots. A handmade fermented drink